Application SDK

The wiotp.sdk.application package contains the following:

The client implementations:

  • wiotp.sdk.application.ApplicationClient

Support classes for working with the data model:

  • wiotp.sdk.application.Command
  • wiotp.sdk.application.Event
  • wiotp.sdk.application.Status

Support methods for handling device configuration:

  • wiotp.sdk.application.parseConfigFile
  • wiotp.sdk.application.parseEnvVars


Application configuration is passed to the client via the config parameter when you create the client instance. See the configure applications section for full details of all available options, and the built-in support for YAML file and environment variable sourced configuration.

myConfig = { 
    "auth" {
        "key": "a-org1id-y67si9et"
        "token": "Ab$76s)asj8_s5"
client = wiotp.sdk.application.ApplicationClient(config=myConfig)


connect() & disconnect() methods are used to manage the MQTT connection to IBM Watson IoT Platform that allows the application to handle commands and device events.

Applications have three flavours of real-time data to work with once they have established an MQTT connection, for more information on each of these subjects see the relavent section of the documentation: